About Manifold Partners, LLC

Manifold Partners uses established mathematical and predictive science principles/techniques to predict stock prices for the next few days to the next few weeks. A team of approximately twenty professionals, including PhDs in advanced mathematics and finance, constantly updates and refines our predictive capabilities. Our science team focuses exclusively on science while our portfolio management and business teams provide portfolio management, risk management, trading, operations, and client service.

We manage a US Equity Market Neutral Fund that is uncorrelated to any market, factor, style, risk characteristic, or to our knowledge, any other manager. We can offer Global Equity Market Neutral portfolios in seven regions (US, CA, EU, UK, JP, AU, HK) with the same characteristics, allocating risk among regional portfolios. We also offer long-only “Universe- Plus” portfolios expected to outperform any target-rich universe of stocks in any of our regions.

Using our portfolios, clients can expect to achieve important goals within any asset allocation scheme. Because Manifold Partners portfolio returns are not correlated to any other portfolio strategy or manager, we are able to serve an unusually wide range of client goals.

No one else does what we do in the simple, practical way we do it.


  • Securities markets are generally, but not perfectly, efficient. Active investors can generate attractive risk-adjusted excess returns.

  • Investors should seek innovative uncorrelated investment strategies. While portfolio construction based on human analysis can be successful, it often entails unwanted exposures to market influences. Systematic investment processes can be organized into a safe and scalable framework, reducing those risks, and can repeatedly exploit market inefficiencies.

  • Creating a skeptical, never satisfied, fact based, no ego culture, driven to excel, and separating the science function from the portfolio management and business functions, ensures our predictive capabilities are constantly improving.

  • Each day, we analyze 26,000 stock histories to create model and actual portfolios, ultimately choosing a few hundred to hold, buy, or sell. Selections are made to construct highly liquid, highly diversified portfolios that are uncorrelated to any market, style, or factor, and reduce risk.

  • The result is liquid, uncorrelated portfolios producing superior risk adjusted returns.